Daily schedule in Rabat… for now

2 thoughts on “Daily schedule in Rabat… for now”

  1. I would love to have you come back and talk to my systems class about your experiences. Of course I would love to just see you and talk to you when you come back. If you are uncomfortable coming to RCHS I would love to see you outside of school.

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    1. It’d be so great to speak with Systems about my year! I love it here in Morocco, but I miss the people at RCHS so much, and I wish there were a way to take some of the parts I liked about Charter here to Rabat. Especially the way that classes are run (school here is very different).

      I definitely meant to come to RCHS during Second Friday last month, but I was so, so swamped with everything at home.. oops 😥 I’ll stop by when I come back!


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