I don’t see little kids by themselves in Rabat streets

6 thoughts on “I don’t see little kids by themselves in Rabat streets”

  1. Love love love. The culture in Macedonia is almost the complete opposite. People are out all the time, usually walking or at least taking the bus. I think some people get driven places, but not that many. Going out every day for coffee is the culture here, and going out at night is a big thing. I definitely don’t see girls that often walking around at night, and definitely not alone. I’ve also only really been in the ethnic-Macedonian sector, and only during the night, so it’ll be interesting for me to see how that deviates when i explore the Albanian and Roma areas, which I’m expecting to have stricter gender roles.

    Also rt about the suburbia life. Not sure how I’m going to handle not being able to walk everywhere or practically anywhere for that matter.

    Thanks for being incredible love ya ❤💜💙

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    1. ❤ ❤ love you Kyra! Yeah, it's interesting how two cultures can be so different but also so similar. Café culture is also a huge thing here, but not among kids or teenagers, and I haven't done the math but I see a LOT more men than women in cafés (to the extent where there are cafés of only men).

      It's also interesting how there are certain ethnic divides in Skopje.

      Ugh we'll both be going back to suburbia for the summer. oh well </3

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  2. Enjoyed reading this post. I agree with what you said about suburban life in the US. As a parent to a 15-yr old and 12-yr old, I do chauffer them a lot. It’s just not possible for them to get around on their own most places. It’s neat when we go to Japan and see so many kids traveling independently. So different.

    I ready your blog with great interest because we will be visiting Morocco for the first time this summer. Really looking forward to it!

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    1. Thanks so much! Yeah, same—I grew up being chauffeured haha, but I guess that’s inevitable because I didn’t live in a place where walking by myself was feasible. And I also agree that it’s *so cool* to see kids walking around independently! Because I didn’t grow up that way and I haven’t lived in a place where people grow up that way.

      Thank you for reading! It means a lot. If you have any questions about Morocco, feel free to contact me!


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